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9:00-10:00 am
Pre-conference session #1 (Sheraton II)
B2B Marketing Practices and Trends in Emerging Global Markets
Led by the head of global marketing of a Fortune 500 company, this expert panel will address current b2b marketing practices and trends in emerging global markets, including the BRICS. Get a good overview of the state of global b2b marketing today—how it is done, how it differs from U.S. and European practices and what special restrictions or conditions apply. The panel will include agency and marketer experts on b2b marketing in Asia, India, South America and the Middle East.
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MODERATOR:  Joel Harrison, Editor, B2B Marketing BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze
PANELIST:  Clif Collier, Managing Director, Fifth Ring, Dubai BMABlaze
PANELIST:  Francesca Brosan, Director, Omobono Ltd., UK
PANELIST:  Laurent Michoud, Head of Global Marketing, Ingredion BMABlaze
10:30-11:30 am
Pre-conference session #2 (Sheraton II)
The Foundations to a Successful B2B Social Media Strategy
Business marketers are figuring how out to best use social media, and every firm’s answer is a bit different. Caterpillar has made YouTube videos a cornerstone of its strategy, doing such an impressive job that it was named by FORTUNE as one of nine top FORTUNE 500 social media stars. For its part, technology solutions provider CDW has made great strides in measuring and proving a return on social media investments, especially as part of integrated programs.
BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Kevin Espinosa, Social Media Manager, Global Marketing, Caterpillar BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Lauren McCadney, Senior Manager, Social Media, CDW BMABlaze
12 noon-12:05 pm
Opener (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
If you saw 2009's opening, 2010’s music video or last year's video, you know YOU DO NOT EVER WANT TO MISS a global BMA conference opener. Another video? The cast from NBC drama "Chicago Fire"? Players from the Chicago Fire, our pro soccer team? Well, we're going to keep you guessing. (Sorry!) Just be in your seats by 12 noon!
12:05-12:30 pm
Opening remarks (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
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SPEAKER:  Eduardo Conrado, Senior VP, Marketing and IT, Motorola Solutions, and 2012-13 national BMA chair BMABlaze BMABlaze 
SPEAKER:  Hugh Wiley, Publisher, Bloomberg Businessweek BMABlaze
12:30-1:00 pm
Scene-setting remarks (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
The Expanding Role of Marketing in B2B Organizations
Many believe that b2b marketing is entering a new golden age, with marketers being asked to take on bigger and bigger roles in their organizations. Marketing is more likely to have a “seat at the table,” seems to be better aligned than ever with sales and appears to be increasingly influential with IT, HR, R&D/innovation, finance, the C-suite and board directors. Hear the top line results of an exclusive BMA-Forrester Research study examining the reality and scope of this trend.
BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Kathy Button Bell, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson, and incoming 2013-14 national BMA chair BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Laura Ramos, VP, Principal Analyst, serving CMOs, Forrester Research BMABlaze
1:00-2:00 pm
Panel session (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
The B2B Agenda: What Is (and What Should Be) on the Minds of Forward-Looking B2B Marketers
To set the stage for what lies ahead, Fred Wiersema will highlight key insights from a tone-setting exploration by ISBM’s B2B Leadership Board of the b2b agenda. This qualitative study weaves together the experiences and perspectives of more than 100 movers and shakers from both practice and research. Fred’s story lines, and the trends that drive them, will provide vivid testimony of the momentous transition under way in b2b marketing. Joining Fred to discuss associated challenges, opportunities and imperatives will be three leading-edge CMOs.
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MODERATOR:  Fred Wiersema, Chair, B2B Leadership Board, Institute for the Study of Business Markets BMABlaze
PANELIST:  Kathy Button Bell, VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Emerson, and incoming 2013-14 national BMA chair. BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze 
PANELIST:  Malcolm Frank, Executive VP, Cognizant Technology Solutions BMABlaze
PANELIST:  John Jacko, VP and Chief Marketing Officer, Kennametal BMABlaze BMABlaze
2:00-2:30 pm
Networking break
2:30-3:30 pm
Fireside chat (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
B2B Is the New B2C: What Consumer Trends Sweeping Through the B2B World Mean for You
Innovation waves that began in the consumer retail world are now crashing onto b2b shores., hiring a consumer internet team,, Google Shopping for Suppliers, and eBay's Business/Industrial category are all harbingers of what's to come. Is your b2b pricing strategy at risk and what can you do about it? What will happen to your existing channels, and should you de developing deeper relationships with your end customers? This fireside chat will address these and other pertinent questions.
BMABlaze  BMABlaze BMABlaze
MODERATOR:  Tribby Warfield, President, North America Commercial, Gates Corporation BMABlaze
PANELIST:  Scot Wingo, CEO, ChannelAdvisor BMABlaze BMABlaze
PANELIST:  Charlie Peters, Senior Executive VP, Board of Directors, Emerson BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze
3:30-4:15 pm
Keynote session (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
From Big 4 to Biggest 1: How Deloitte Came Together to Stand Apart
Brand strategy…brand positioning…brand attributes…brand identity. In today’s boardrooms, these terms are more commonly overheard than understood. Yet an inside look at the Deloitte member firm network reveals that these ideas can be clarified and connected for maximum impact. See how Deloitte and its 195,000 professionals have combined b2b and p2p branding principles and used unexpected marketing and communications efforts to shape distinct experiences in a highly commoditized industry.
SPEAKER:  Brian Resnick, Global Brand & Visual Identity Leader, Deloitte, and author, Designing B2B Brands  BMABlaze
4:15-4:45 pm
Networking break
4:45-5:45 pm
Firestarter session #1 (Sheraton Chicago Ballroom)
In this hour, you will hear five consecutive "firebrands" take 10-12 minutes each to raise the roof on a narrower but key b2b marketing issue or trend.
The Battle for Customer Attention
The world is swimming in more data and information than anyone can consume. Brands, agencies and publishers are battling for customer attention with increasingly less effective methods. Only customer-focused, social businesses that deliver entertaining content can succeed.
SPEAKER:  Michael Brenner, VP, Marketing and Content Strategy, SAP  BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze 
Howl with Your Wolf Pack: Mobile Sales Enablement for Your Road Warriors
Your sales people are telling your company's story, capturing new leads and managing projects. Don't let them be one-man wolf packs. Learn how to make your sales teams more productive by using mobile to improve content delivery, enhance collaboration and deepen connections.
BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Elton Mayfield, Partner, ER Marketing BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Greg Olson, Founder, Growl BMABlaze BMABlaze
Creating a Power Partnership Between HR and Marketing—Without a Big Fight
You know the power of branding from the inside out. But how do you persuade your HR counterparts to align and connect your company’s internal and external brands? Hear insights drawn from the experiences of such firms as McDonald’s, Kohl’s and Xerox.
BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Patricia Nazemetz, Principal, NAZ DEC LLC; former Chief Human Resources Officer, Xerox; and co-author, HR and Marketing: Power Partners BMABlaze BMABlaze
SPEAKER:  Will Ruch, CEO & Managing Partner, Versant, and co-author, HR and Marketing: Power Partners BMABlaze BMABlaze BMABlaze
The Emotional Economy in B2B: Getting Inside the Minds of Your Customers
Feelings are facts, particularly in the b2b marketing space. Hear about actionable discoveries from a study of 400,000 b2b customers designed to uncover the drivers of relationship and financial performance including best and worst practices in predictive customer metrics.
SPEAKER:  Ed O'Boyle, Global Practice Leader, Gallup Consulting BMABlaze
Young B2B Marketing Professionals Speak
We've asked BMA's national "Gen C" board (young b2b marketers in their 20s and 30s at several board firms) to raise the roof a bit with provocative views on how they wish b2b marketing could and should be done as well as advice on how to reach and motivate younger b2b buyers.
BMABlaze  BMABlaze  BMABlaze  BMABlaze  BMABlaze 
BMABlaze  BMABlaze  BMABlaze  BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Christina Hergott, Account Supervisor, ER Marketing BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Ted Kohnen, Partner & Chief Marketing Officer, SteinIAS BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Mary Ellen Hammond, Corporate Marketing Manager, Emerson BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Patrick Petschel, VP, Account Services and Strategy, Schermer BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Katie Shaykin, Senior External Communications Specialist, Motorola Solutions BMABlaze BMABlaze 
PRESENTER:  Kelly Higgins, Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Doremus BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Josh Schober, Senior Art Director, Slack and Company LLC  BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Jonah Otchy, Senior Art Director, gyro  BMABlaze BMABlaze
PRESENTER:  Janae Limongelli, Marketing Program Manager, Avnet Technology Solutions  BMABlaze
6:30 -9:30 pm

Evening networking event
A Glorious Evening of Networking on the Odyssey Cruise Ship
Wednesday evening’s networking event will be aboard Chicago's largest lake- and river-faring cruise ship, the Odyssey (which docks at the lower level of the Sheraton Hotel, adjacent to the Chicago River). As in 2011, we'll have the entire "boat"—and all four decks, including the open-sky top deck—to ourselves. This year, we'll get a quicker start through the locks and onto Lake Michigan for an hour-longer cruise up and down the lakefront, always with Chicago's amazing dusk and nighttime skyline in view and enhanced by Navy Pier's weekly fireworks show.

Day 2 - Thursday, May 30

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May 29-31

Sheraton Chicago
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